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The Swedish Working Dog Association

The Swedish Working Dog Association (SBK) is an organisation for education and competition for dogs in Sweden. We are responsible for approximately 20 breeds that in Sweden are classified as working dogs. We also educate dogs for The Swedish Army and The Swedish Emergency Management Agency.

The activities within SBK are of great variation and are open for all dog owners. The activities are arranged by the 290 local associations that are spread all over Sweden.

Lots of dogs have a need to work together with people. This need can be fulfilled by letting the dog train to be a dog of duty, through other sorts of training or by competing.


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How to train you dog within SBK

All discipline and practice is based on given conditions of the dog and by positive reinforcement. The training is supposed to be joyful for both dog and owner.

Training should be based on general obedience and a good relation between the dog and its owner.

SBK has a well developed educational plan that starts when the dog is a puppy by develop a good relation and cooperation skills with the owner. After that you can choose from a variation of activities that you find interesting or suitable. As good as any dog can be trained – how well is up to the owner.